Margo’s winter-snowy walk

On the 6th January 2010 in Donetsk there was heavy fall of snow at the night .... and then ... it dawned upon me !!!!! How is that - I thought - Margo’s mother has pictures in the snow, Margo’s father and grandfather - too, so it is necessary to make the snowy photo session for Margo!!

Agreed - we go to make the pictures in the snow! With breast-band it was all right, Margo was not confused by it.

Margo was the first time walked on the breast-band and saw snow for the first time in her life! how much wonder I saw on her sweet face! At first, when I let her go on the snow, she did not know hat to do with all this beauty. And then she went into the taste, running on snow, digging pits, and even trying to climb a tree! she walked on breast-band very well, did not even try to remove it ... wow!

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