Litter "G"of Barvinok

Date of birth: 08 of February 2013

Mother: Ch. (WCF) Businka of Barvinok,
SIB n 22 03
Father: Gr.Int.Ch. (WCF), Ch. (FIFe) Gordey Sibirskoe Knyazhestvo,
SIB n 24

Pedigree of the kittens

Greya of Barvinok – female, blue classic tabby with white(a 22 03)

Lives in Paris, France, cattery SIBERMOSCOVITA

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Gelya of Barvinok – female, black classic tabby (n 22)

Lives in Centreville, Maryland, USA

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Germiona of Barvinok – female, black tabby (n 24)

Lives in Frankfurt on Main, Germany

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Gerda of Barvinok – female, black tabby with white (n 24 03)

Lives in Kiev, Ukraine

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common photos of our kittens

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